New Foster® Products Website Launches!

We are excited to announce that the new and refreshed website is live!

The redesigned website includes improvements to site navigation, with updated top-menu options, web content and a host of other new features.

“This new platform provides viewers with quick and easy access to essential information about Foster and Childers branded adhesive/sealant solutions for Industrial and Commercial Insulation, HVAC, Indoor Air Quality and Asbestos Abatement challenges,” says Foster Brand Manager Mike Kroll. “Plus, the ability to access content on tablets and other mobile devices makes for an overall better site experience, and provides a better method with which to interact and communicate with our customers.”

New features of the website include:

– a mobile-ready platform viewable on smart phones and tablets
– a section dedicated to Childers HVAC & Insulation solutions
– a Global Contact Us page including new contacts in the Middle East and Asia

– a Blog section where the most current and up-to-date information will be found

“In addition to Technical Data and Product Information, the new site also provides for future expansion of the Foster and Childers brands.  As we continue to increase the amount of shared digital information with our audience, this site will allow us to keep content fresh and relevant,” continues Kroll.

About H.B. Fuller Construction Products

Headquartered in Aurora, IL, the company’s recognized and trusted brands of Foster® and Childers® have been well known in the global insulation industry for decades.  The company focuses on developing high performance products that satisfy the needs of our customers, while providing impeccable quality and service globally. For more information, visit