Clean, Kill & Coat

Superior performance, continuous efficacy to Clean, Kill & Coat mold growth resulting from water damage.

The Foster® “Clean-Kill-Coat” approach for mold remediation defends against mold growth and re-growth on the coating surface long term.

Clean: To set the stage for remediation by removing dirt, grime and debris

Kill: To clean and prep contaminated surfaces prior to sealing or coating

Coat: To provide long term protection by preventing mold re-growth on the coatings surface

Foster® offers a wide variety of EPA registered antimicrobial coatings and mold resistant coatings, as well as disinfectants and sealers. Foster® coatings are designed for a wide range of applications, including HVAC duct systems, water damage restoration projects, and mold remediation projects for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Foster® The Professionals’ Choice


  1. Remove any water-damaged and mold-contaminated materials that cannot be salvaged, such as carpeting, furniture, and saturated wallboard.
  2. Thoroughly dry all materials to be left in place by exposing them to circulated dry air.
  3. Follow with a thorough cleaning and removal of all contaminants.


Foster® 40-80 and 40-90 First Defense® Disinfectants* and Cleaners

Foster® 40-80 and 40-90 are effective disinfectants on hard, non-porous surfaces and cleaners for porous, semi-porous and non-porous materials. Foster® 40-80 comes as a ready to use dilution while Foster® 40-90 is a concentrate. These products should be used as the final step in the cleaning process on mold impacted surfaces.


Select** and apply the best-suited Foster® coating for the job. Foster® mold resistant coatings provide a clean, fresh surface coat with long term protection against mold and mildew growth on their surface.

EPA Registered, Antimicrobial Coatings

Foster® 40-20® Fungicidal Protective Coating

Foster® 40-20® EPA registered coating inhibits the growth and spread of odor-causing bacteria and mold on its surface. Its tough, elastic, water resistant coating may be used on walls, ceilings, pipes and interior/exterior surfaces of HVAC duct systems and is ideal for industrial and institutional settings.

Foster® 40-25 Full Defense® Fungicidal Protective Coating

Full Defense® EPA registered coating kills residual mold and mildew and protects surfaces from mold re-growth. This breathable coating has excellent coverage (up to 300 s.f./gallon) and hiding properties with its high solids content, making it ideal for residential and commercial mold remediation projects.

Foster® 40-30 Fungicidal Protective Coating

Foster® 40-30, an EPA registered coating, prevents the spread of odor causing bacteria and mold on its surface. When applied to fibrous duct liner insulation, it prohibits air erosion and fiber release. Similar to Foster® 40-20®, this black coating is ideal for fiberglass duct liners, duct board insulation, and galvanized surfaces.

Mold Resistant Coatings & Sealants

Foster® 40-11 Eclipse™ Coating

Eclipse™ Coating is designed for application to faced or unfaced duct liner or fiberglass duct board insulation prohibiting air erosion and fiber release. It is black in color to blend in with the original facing. Eclipse™ seals and reinforces the surface of new and aged duct liner and inhibits mold, fungus, and discoloration on its surface.

Foster® 40-50 Interior Defense® Interior Mold Resistant Coating

This high solid, low viscosity coating contains EPA registered antimicrobial additives that protect its surface from the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew. Interior Defense® is ideal for use in highly humid areas prone to mold growth such as wall cavities and crawl spaces. It can be applied to framing and drywall, among other substrates.

Foster® 40-51 Sheer Defense® Mold Resistant Clear Sealer

Sheer Defense® resists the growth of mold on its surface. It is formulated with EPA registered additives and provides a water-resistant finish that is both flexible and crack resistant.

Foster® 40-60 Drip Pan Coating

This coating is for the protection of metal drip pans used in HVAC systems. The surface of Foster® 40-60 is resistant to the growth of fungus, bacteria and mold. Foster® 40-60 provides vibration dampening and will bond to clean, bare metal without the use of primers.

*Not for use on the interior of HVAC systems. Refer to product label for use directions.

**The Foster® IAQ Product Selection Grid will help identify which coatings are best suited for various applications. Always refer to Product Data Sheet for guidelines and limitations.

NOTE: Mold resistant coatings and sealers do not protect users or others against bacteria, viruses, germs, or other disease organisms. They do not take the place of normal cleaning & disinfecting procedures.